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Gallena University is a private university enrolling more than 7,500 students. Students from every state of the union attend GU, and with more than 3,600 course offerings a year, Gallena University has something for everyone. Gallena University is considered to be among the nation's finest universities, regarded for its high academic standards, its nationally acclaimed Division I athletics program, and its commitment to serving the needs of each and every Gallena student.

There is science to be done.

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Quick Facts:

Founded 1902
Enrollment 7,564
Courses Offered 3,651
Days of Sunshine per year 300+
Space for freshmen in dorm rooms 100%

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General Campus Information

Gallena University, California
2314 Running Springs Rd
Gallena, CA 91255-4901 USA
Tel: (818) 555-9401

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