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Greg Harris, Professor of Chemistry and Microbiology

Eastern Michigan University, Ph.D., Chemistry


Director for the Gallena Center for Distance Education. Dr. Harris is also the Director of Chemical Technology at Gallena University. Prior to these positions, Dr. Harris taught chemistry at Arizona State for over 10 years. Before coming to Gallena, He has been the Associate Manager for the Gallena Link-to Learn Initiative and has served as the director or co-director of numerous grant projects related to technology.


  • Harris, Greg C. and John Sampson. "Gian Chloroplast Isolation." Macrochemical Journal. 41(1-2), 875-350 (2008).
  • Harris, Greg C., Ben J. Tom and Greg P. Moore. "Determination of the Photochemical Absorption of the Lichen Using Photoacoustics." Photochemistry and Photobiology 39(2), 909-7195 (2008).

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