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libraryThe mission of the Library organization is to connect students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community with the information resources they need for study, research, and recreation. The library contains substantial collections of books, journals, government documents, videos, maps, and other physical materials, all listed in its online catalog.

The Library organization provides a wide range of library instruction opportunities to the campus community. For many students the first introduction to library services at GU is through the required library component of University 100, designed to introduce new students to basic concepts of information literacy. Librarians also provide a variety of workshops, as well as individual in-depth consultation focusing on a specific research topic.

The Library provides adaptive devices to make our print and electronic resources accessible to the disabled and works closely with Disabled Student Services to insure that equipment, facilities, and collections are responsive to special needs.

For more information about the GU Library, please contact the Campus Librarian at

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Gallena University, California
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