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Gallena University is a private university near Lake Tahoe California. The 320-acre campus is located in Gallena, California, a rapidly growing community in a region of scenic beauty in the southern California mountains.

GU enrolls 3,560 students in twenty five undergraduate and seven graduate programs with approximately 350 full-time and part-time faculty. The University community is committed to excellence and makes learning a priority.

What students have to say about Gallena University....

"What is so fantastic about GU is the attention I received from my professors. They really care about my success here at Gallena."
Sean Greer '09 Computer Science

"I'm getting real-life experience. Most of my instructors also work in the field they teach. They've been there and they are able to offer me real insight into the world of journalism."
Sharon Frost, '09 Journalism

"I've really been challenged here. I'm excited about my adviser, who's been a big encouragement to me. I definitely made the right decision to come to GU."
Evelyn Garcia '10 Performing Arts

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Gallena University, California
2314 Running Springs Rd
Gallena, CA 91255-4901 USA
Tel: (818) 555-9401

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